Sunday, May 31, 2009

earth, home of superficial douchebags.

Why is there so much emphasis on a persons exterior.
I know it's totally redundant, and I'm basically beating a dead horse, but I just seem to keep thinking about it.
It's rather annoying, that you can't even fabricate a friendship let alone a relationship with someone if they don't meet up to your beauty standards.

High-Fashion Models are ugly.
They look like aliens, and I don't know why shows like "America's Next Top Model" searches for these alien people.
Was high fashion created just to open arms to these outcasted aliens? And then ultimatly becoming a vicious cycle, and rather than being the outcasts with a place, they're the outcasts making all the little girls of the world puke their brains up or starve themselves, creating more outcasts?

I mean really girls. I'm not one to talk about boobs, since I myself have a small set, but christ at least I've got something. High fashion is meant for maniquins, and people should NOT look like maniquins. Why is the definition of "beauty" something made of cloth, plastic or wood or what have you, rather than the way a persons eyes flicker in light, or the facial expressions they make in their innocent moments. One's people don't notice because they can't find beauty in simplicity. I don't know. whatever.
At least I can indulge in something like french toast and not have recurring thoughts of "oh the calories...oh the audacity, i'm such a cow." I like living life with no strings attached to my food.

A positive attitude burns calories.
get on that.
embrace yourself, not kill yourself.


  1. i really enjoyed reading this. i honestly think about this all the time.

    is everything really about looks?
    why do people feel that way?

    it seriously bothers me.
    probably because i'm not good looking, so i feel so affected by it. ha.

    but, you're right, there's so much superficiality in the world.
    it's terrible.

  2. This is very true, and very sad. Looks aren't everything and what's beautiful according to the media is actually pretty gross. When I see those models on t.v. and in magazines it just makes me want to give them a steak sandwich.

    You seem like a beautiful person inside and out. =)

  3. i wrote something the other day that talked about how a "hot" girl doesn't have any real friends, just acquaintances that only got to know her because of her so called "looks".