Friday, May 8, 2009

Whatever happend to the brooklyn dodgers?

(Whatever happend to me?)

This week was pretty good.
I exchanged music with my new friend, and he gave me the leaked demos from I Am the Avalance, it's wicked catchy!
I'm listening to it right now, and it puts me in such an upbeat mood.

Today my sister and I skipped first & second period to grab some coffee at the union, where she was so obviously eye fondled by one of the students there. Lucky I don't have huge boobs like her otherwise I would bitch about it in this sweet xblogx.
It was really nice, I haven't really had a heart to heart conversation with her in a really long time. I had alot of issues to cover with her, all the fucked up things she did to me. We haven't completely resolved them, but at least they're out there on the table.
We wanted to walk home so I could help her with her english, but my mom had the day off, so we bipassed our street and walked to school instead. We made it to the beginning of 4th, and I had economics. We're watching SICKO, a Michael Moore film. I really enjoyed it, though it tugged at my heart a little.
The fucking insurance programs, they pull some bullshit out of thin air. I know that his films are biast, but there really are somethings you can't really fight him on. The whole "pre-exsisting conditions" bit, that is so outrageous. How can you live with yourself, putting a price on a persons life? A living, breatheing, feeling, person? Just as alive as you. You've got blood and bones just like everyone else, but you're so Godly you can price their heads. My Uncle would still be alive if it wasn't for you fucks.
I'm anticipating the next part of the movie, I want to see where it all leads. For such a great Country, we sure do have a lot of suffering. If you're not making over 6 figures, you're pushed past.
We are the forgotten.

I hope my friends that are going into politics make it there.
Try to fix this system, this corrupt ass bullshit.
Just don't become one. Don't lose yourself in all of it.

My ceramics project got fired yesterday after I glazed it, I'm a little disapointed at how the edges are, it's not that clean. But it's a cute little design, Mike Giant inspired me. If you don't know who that is, get into it. He's so amazing at everything he does, Graffiti, Tattoos, and his Fine Art is bomb!
I'm off too pack for the weekend.
Bye everyone! :)

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