Thursday, May 21, 2009


I need to finish my financial aid.
I need to gather money for graduation, for a road trip, for the upcoming shows, for travel.
I need to sleep a full 8 hours.
I need to finish my xp project before wednesday.
I can not wait until summer. I can't wait to make new friends.
Or at least make a full attempt at closing off the shyness about me.
In English class we're reading "A Streetcar Named Desire," and I play the role of Blanche. The play I think is really actually very good, the throwback feel of it is nice. I didn't know that I was playing an alcoholic flirtatious, almost cocky, douchebag though. I mean thats the vibe I get from her right now. but we've only just begun. A lot of kids in class thought it was funny since I'm straight edge, but I'm reading about tossing whiskey. I thought it was pretty entertaining.
Like 4 girls told me I looked like Audrey Hepburn today. That I had a classy look or something like that.
It was a little random but I'm not complaining!
I'm so tired. I want to drink some tea.
holy crap I learned how to make the best tea and/or coffee ever!
You pour the half and half and sugar in before the tea or coffee, and mix it up until it looks creamy, or tanish. It actually tastes like frosting, it's delicious. But then you pour the coffee in, or tea, and mix it while you pour. It's so good, and you can taste the difference.
alrighty. nothing more to say for now.


  1. Wanna talk about straight edge kids playin drunks? haha this was atleast two years ago and I look nothin like this now but thought you might like to watch it, funny dialogue and stupid fight scene haha!

  2. imitating a drunk while being edge is always fun.

    and thanks, i hope things get better too.
    it's nice to know someone, even if they're a stranger, hopes my shit works itself out.