Thursday, May 28, 2009


My heart feels more like a burial ground.
Everything I love is falling apart.
Everything, everyone, I hold in my heart is a memory.
I want to revive it all, breathe life back into them. But I know I can't. I wish with all the strength I have that things will get better. That I seriously don't have to go through this again, not now.
Theres no streetlight shining on the road to guide me home. There is no wind to push me in the right direction, no gentle hand pushing me towards the right path. All I have is my heart, and my gut. I need to trust in them more now than I ever have.
Clean up the weeds growing and twisting around inside, Destroy the rage that's been boiling in my throat, craving to come out. I want to unleash it all on her. I want to tell her how she broke everything. But I know it won't do anything. Accosting her never did shit.
It's not how it should be, but you made it this way. You and your weak attempt at being family.
My friends care more about me than you ever did.
I do not tolerate self-pity, I do not tolerate uneducated, immoral, inconsiderate, selfish twits. I do not, and will not, tolerate another broken family. I won't allow it to happen, I can't.
I'm going to keep my head up, I won't waver, I won't break in the face of all this. I know I've got it in me. I'm going to find the beauty even if it kills me.

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