Tuesday, May 26, 2009

nom nom.

I would kill for a hot cup of french vanilla coffee.
(Light and sweet just like me!)
My fucking brain.
I want a cute tattooed boy.
So I can trace his outlines with my finger and kiss the dark shading.
And tell him how perfect it is, he is.
and how lucky he is to be with me.
that's nto going to happen.
because I can't find love anywhere.
and I give up right now.
But I'm so stoked I just got done working out, exercising.
I feel so good right now, the tension in my shoulders feels comforting.
I'm stronger in my blood and in my heart.
figurativly, and literally, because I just took my vitimans.
I love how British people prenounce that.
so perfect.
mindless sputter of words, that was.
goodnight all <3

1 comment:

  1. that is really weird that you said you wanted light french vanilla coffee cause I just made some, you can have some if you want :)
    you'll find that boy soon enough, wait it out and he'll come to you, promise!

    PS I seriously made light french vanilla coffee.