Wednesday, May 6, 2009

a girl asked me for a ring & I put one around her whole eye.

**This is not complaining, this is just a discussion of my day. I just feel the need to point that out.

One-A-Day, Vitamin E capsules, Biotin, Vitamin C chewables and weekly shots.

But I will say this:

OUCH. My arms hurt so bad from shots today, They're all swollen and the nurse, every time she shot me she said "...just a little pinch.." That makes it SO much worse. It's when I don't anticipate it, that's when it's painless. When you sit there and basically say you're peircing through my skin with a fine needle three different times, It seems to hurt much worse.

I realized today that I despise the people who purposely make themselves stand out, then bitch and moan about how the world hates them because they're different.
(Military Police by Outbreak is the perfect theme for this.)
You're the assbag that dyed your hair 2394802 different colors.
You're the douche that wears pajama pants to school with some whiney emo band t-shirt that does not match at all.
You're the one who strives for attention in bragging about "cutting" and your attempted "suicide."
Do you ever stop to think about people with real issues? Maybe a traumatized soilder with depression? A new mother with Post pardum depression? People with real physcological disorders?
No. Instead you lock yourself inside your room refreshing your myspace page hundreds of times until some dweeb friend requests you and asks for n00dz. Which you'd most likely give up for some compliments. You try in the worst ways to get people to notice you.
Why not just be social. Be nice. I promise it goes along way.
The things I hear in the halls of Troy High. It's unbelievable.
Grow up.

The world will eat you alive you selfish peice of shit.

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  1. i wanted to tell you what was really keeping me down and has for the longest time but i cant find myself telling anyone. i am really happy now thanks to you and winston. thank you for always looking out for me.

    i miss you britanny!