Thursday, April 30, 2009

zac efron is ugly.

I was watching a commercial for some new movie with some same face of some same hollywood fame. I don't get why there's such a phenomina over these men and women, They're just like us but happen to be richer. The only reason they're skinnier and healthier than average people is because they're more lucky in the cash department. Why are we so obsessed with these actresses and actors when all it is is the same face playing someone's fairytale dream on a screen, in a different situation every movie. same face. same dream. same scheme. Just different words. It's a bit annoying. It goes right back to how obsessed society is with looks. Just because we've got it in our heads that these people are hot, we automatically worship them like they're some kind of "god." (hah.) Even some of the attractive famecentrics are terrible at acting, yet we still find ourselves spending 10 dollars of our precious earned money to watch the same familliar face doing something not even remotely true to the real world. I guess I think it'd be more interesting if we had more options, more movies of actual real situations where life doesn't end up with the boy kissing the girl, or whatever happy ending.
It's just so fucking stupid.
Life is not a movie.
Life is no fairy tale.
Get used to it.
I'm not even sure if that makes sense, I can't find the right words to explain it.

Apart from that.

Today I got out of class at 12:30, after my teacher called me an assbag for pressing the record button when he wasn't ready. I apologized profusely saying "i'm sorry shhhweetie pye" He laughed and we called it even. After 3 days of 90 degree weather mother nature decided to get even for the hundreds of years we've been fucking the universe with 50 degree ice cold rain weather. I was just adapting to the muggy mess before hand, and then got a sweet curve ball from mother n. I shouldn't complain though, the human race deserves it. ANYWAY, so I get home and my sister had been supposed to be there since she was "sick" and all, and decided to lock all the doors and windows and not put the spare key under the table when she left for a tattoo. I sat outside for an hour and a half freezing, while watching the stupid couples holding stupid hands being stupid and stupidly cuddling together to keep each other warm. Salt in a wound, salt in a wound.I had to wait this long because all of my other friends don't get out of class until 2, and coincidently my cell phone was dead so I had no way of finding someone to hangout with until someone else got home. I braved it, and faught through my shyness to go to the minifrat house next door and ask for a
The guy that answered looked at me like I was an alien and invited me in. His friend gave me his cell phone and while I was dialing another guy climbed down the stairs and smiled at me and actually had manners and asked me how I was. He was the only one that made me less uncomfortable, like I wasn't crazy. So amanda came and rescued me from the pong champs and we went to visit her step brother. God I feel so awful for him, The bruises from his 2000 platelets (sp?) are unbelievable. He's just recently been diagnosed with aplastic anemia, and I want to give him my bone marrow. They haven't done the tests yet but if he's 0+ he can have all the marrow he pleases from me. We went to my house around 4 when kaylee FINALLY got home, and I got an unopened box of cookies and bombed it with "nick" on the cover and then wrote the still fly lyrics on the plastic. He loved it, and the cookies! I'm going to get poster board I think and just do a huge graff peice of his name, like hopefully wildstyle because I'm bored with the same style i've been doing.

I need more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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