Saturday, April 4, 2009

Living life well is the best revenge.

Staring straight into the eyes of the future, every second, every day. Standing still, everything moves around you. Your spine stiffens straight up, hold your head high. Curious eyes wander from face to face, taking in every detail. The tired looks, the hatetred falling around them. Don't fall into the same pattern, don't let this life pass you.
Pale skin draped over a fraglie frame, veins of blues and reds all heading to the same source of strength, your heart. The outside is cold, crippling your fingers and your toes with an icey feel. Breathe in deeper and deeper, close your eyes for just a moment. The frigid air washes out the cloudy feeling inside. Pull the strength, all the hope, and the humbleness inside, out. Your breath clashes with the outside, building a sheild unbreakable. Open your eyes, throw this world everything you've got. The disapointments, the heartbreaks, the regrets, just let them go. It's never too late to start over. Grasp your dreams, and hold onto them tightly. Raise them onto the pedestol you've built for yourself, show the sun, the moon, the stars, the light, show everyone. Never underestimate yourself, you've got more to offer than you think. The wasted potential around you, it's not what you should let yourself fall too. A life of cracks and crevices holding every insecurity, for all to discover. Why not fill the cracks, accept the crevices as they are. Fill them with acceptance, and love them entirely with open arms.
Jealousy, worry, greed, its all a disease needing a cure. Never faulter, never wave in a world so cold. Just keep breathing, Just keep watching.

I should go downstairs and join the party, I just had a lot racing through my mind.

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