Friday, April 10, 2009

From happyness to rage.

I have been in a great, content, decent mood the past few months. I've felt so untouchable, and I haven't been angry or pissed off in so long. I've been regaining some old parts of me, the sweet humble side.

Until right now.
I am so full of rage at people who disrespect my family. Especially my older sister.
If I could rip her boyfriends heart out I would, but unfortunatly he doesn't have one.
Who the fuck are you to take credit for how far she's come these past four years? Who are you to say without you she'd be nothing? Where were you when she made a full recovery from drugs, from abusive ex boyfriends? Where were you when she fought for her life, for her son's well being? NO WHERE. Because the ONLY fucking person that can claim credit for her strength, her fucking well being, IS HER.
You need to step down off of your pedestol, stop throwing her emotions around. She is carrying your child, you're own flesh and blood is growing inside of her, yet you feel it nesecarry to pick constant fights with her, put her down. You let you're other kid's mothers rape her confidence, tear her down. And when she stands up to you, you aren't happy. Can you not handle a strong independent woman? Can you not handle a female stepping up to you? No, because you're not a fucking real man. Grow a set, because I don't see shit that says anything other than that you're a pussy. Control yourself and your son. Next time I even hear that your son put his hands on my nephew, and "pretended to stab him in the neck," I will ruin you. I will fucking ruin you.

You disgust me. You're a spineless peice of trash, and you can take you and you're bad-influenced children and get out of her life. You don't deserve her, she's just like fucking arm candy to you.

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