Friday, April 3, 2009

number 59.

My nephew, Nicolai, will be such a heartbreaker when he's all grown up.
Today I babysat this little monster for a few hours, and we made brownies while he told me everything he knew about pokemon, and how to kill the bad guys in the spongebob games. He left around 4:30, and then Amanda came over. I swear we always have so much fun, 7 years later and we're still laughing until we cry. I'm so happy she's my best friend. We had to go to the sprint store (3 different times) because my phone is a peice of shit, and now I have to pay for the EXACT same phone, that will most likely have the EXACT same fucking problems. So frustrating. I just got home and for some reason I'm exhausted. I'm drained of everything, and I feel like crawling into my big bed and sleeping forever. Or until I wake up for some Dublin tea. It's sooooo good, I advise everyone to have some. Tomorrow is my older sister's babyshower, and I don't think Nicolai is too amped about getting a little brother. But I'm so proud of Tonya, She's come such a far way since four years ago, Nicolai finally has the mom he deserves. I love my family, even though they can just be awkward.
So last night, Kaylee and I went to the star market to get some arizona rx. My favorite arizona product, that's whats up. We were kindof followed by these too guys, and I always get wicked uncomfortable when that happens. We got into the store, and the Indian guy, Ben, instantly started talking about how sexy Kaylee's peircings were, and that he wanted us to come party with him and his friend. I just looked up at him like he had six heads and said "Dude, I'm straight edge, I don't usually party with random strangers." He looked at me blankly, and with a thick accent said, "I'm sorry, I have no idea what that is." It was so awkward explaining it to him, because he had never heard of such an "outrageous" thing. Whatever though, point is he was a douchebag and made fun of me. He bought kaylee alcohol trying to get her to "loosen up," and come party. The other guy Kenny was really nice, but he came off just like playerish. He was really sweet though, he kept doubting that I was shy, and that I could ever go unnoticed. He said what made me cute was the way I talked, and that even though he'd just met me, I was really easy to talk to. I love things like that, I love compliments on who I am, rather than what I look like, even though those are sweet too haha. But long story short, It was one of those accidental meets, and I was tweaking out the whole time because of stranger-danger, but it was still fun, and at the time it was exciting. I love meeting new people, I wish I had enough guts to talk to people more. But I'm always nervous that I'll turn into one of those generic fake and bake loud obnoxious girls. Fuck I need to stop stereotying girls, I just don't trust them. so lame.
I need to get my prioritys in line, like make a list. So I'm going to try right now, while my brain is still awake enough to allow me to think:
1. Get my grades up.
2. Clean my room.
3. Find my Gorilla Biscuits CD.
4. Get a job.
5. Get a car, (a subaru, to be exact. Even the older generation Legacy would be PERFECT.)
6. Pass high school knowing I wasn't all invisible.
7. Go to every place I've ever wanted to go.
8. Try and convince Mike Giant to do a tattoo on me.
9. Try and convince Joe Cappa Bianca to do a tattoo on me.
10. Have Anthony Lawton do a tattoo.
11. Get my Clavical dermals, three small diamonds, barely noticeable.
12. Go to Trinity College.
13. Find a nice, sweet, boy.
14. Give him kisses!
15. Have the best sleep ever.
I'm going to try and do number 15 right now.
Sweet Dreams, Sleep tight, Don't let the bed bugs bite.

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