Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Recycled air.

At heart, I'm still the hopelessly in love with love girl. Like I've said a billion times before, these romantic wishes, will be the death of me. fml.

In spite of that, I feel like this weekend I've realized more than I have in all my years of being alive. Which, in itself isn't that long, but still.

The long drives in the most natural state of everything. The cold crisp air must have cleared the angst out of my mind.

You can see beauty as clippings from the magazines, or you can find it in the person you think about most. Embracing their flaws, and imperfections. Falling deeply in love with them all, noticing everything down to the smallest freckle. Love is the curiousty of the world offered behind their eyes. Exploring every inch of skin and every tone of laughter. We need to stop fearing things. Live for nothing but a simple smile. I don't want to fear rejection. I want to take more risks. I don't want to worry about the future. Or if I'll ever find love again, I want to take everything and everyone in. I want people to accept the same. I want to close my eyes and know that someone somewhere is searching for me, and someday we can meet each other.

I'm so content right now. In the safe space of my organized mess of a room. I still want to roam the endless miles of land and sea around me, and I will someday.
I want to climb the tallest mountains.
I want to get lost on a country road and find my way back home.
I want to discover new things about myself.
But right now I'm going to go discover new dreams in my cloud-of-a-bed.


  1. everytime I read you comments, I have a good laugh, sorry.

    Do whatever you want to do Brit. That's all the advice I have. Try telling that to my friend chris though, he doesn't even know what he wants to do.