Saturday, January 17, 2009


I'm so so so so excited! I keep dreaming of my own little apartment, with my personal touches all over it. Down to the ceramic bowls and plates. I want the sun to pour through my windows early in the morning, I want to wake at my own time on the weekends and have a nice cup of coffee.

So far today I woke up late, ran around trying to make the dog stop dragging his ass on the floor and I met kay's tutor. Then I had to scramble around to find stamps and drive to the post office. and now i'm writing this because it's the only moment I think I might have to write something in here. I'm watching "The Namesake," while I'm writing. It's really touching and I really like it. I tried to get some water from the fridge but it smelled like dirt. and my step-dad kept sticking his nose in it so i poured it down the drain. My mom is buying a new dishwasher, and for some reason I'm semi-excited. I'm always excited when new appliances come in that I can accidently break. but I kinda like washing dishes, I can think about anything and peanut always lays on my feet. weird, I know. Right now i'm trying to debate whether I should go downstairs and be obnoxious while kay learns about co-signs or whatever. but i doubt i will. I think i'm going to go clean this disgusting room. Maybe I can shuffle out all this shit on my mind and relax a little.

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  1. Simple things are usually the most entertaining or comfortable things in life. I can't quite say I like to break appliances, but that's all you. And I know what you mean about the dishes thing. You really are able to think about whatever, music at the same time just makes it that much better, to me at least.