Monday, January 19, 2009

If I could I would.

I found this in my computer while trying to clean out all the junk files. It might be funny for me to look back in down the road, so I can delete off my computer and keep it here for now. Before you watch the video, let me just clarify I was bored, and I was totally immature and retarded and dating someone I was completely in love with that treated me like garbage, i was a love sick puppy, and I hate this but It's me, so either way i'm going to accept it. It's like 4-5 months old, because its when i wasn't single, and obviously not as put together as i am now. I've changed so much since then, in this short amount of time. I don't sound that dumb in person. seriously, i sound like a fucking dumb bitch with no sense of knowledge or integrity in this video. But I've gained so much since then, so that was my warning. This is old, and I'm better than that now. I love who I've become since then.
P.S. bear grylls from man vs. wild is amazing. !
I sincerely hope I don't gain any stalkers from this.

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  1. Lmao. I really don't like scene people either! lol. just kidding. That was pretty funny though. And I don't think it's that people didn't know who you were as much as it was the fact that you intimidate people, no lie. lol