Wednesday, January 21, 2009

liars and losers.

I see all of them walking with a false confidence. They wear their sex appeal like a watch, ticking down the time until they think they're worthy enough for a man's attention. Their shirts down low and their skirts hiked high, nobody notices the self hatred, the insecurities behind their caked up eyes. Why is it they need to let their boobs hang out so a guy can flash them the "wow, youre hot enough to fuck" look? I just don't understand why they do what they do. Why do you need a guy to love you? why do you NEED someone to approve you before you allow yourself to love who you are? A girl I know told me she was in the hospital because she tried to kill herself, when I asked her why she said it was because her boyfriend didn't like her. I couldn't feel sorry for her. Honestly all I wanted to do was scream at her and hurt her. It's so fucking stupid. Sure, love is great. Waking up in the arms of somebody who loves you inside and out is great. but you can't change who you are, you can't sell yourself out for a fucking dude. There is something about everyone that makes them beautiful, and you have to recognize it so you can show the world. Don't wait for a guy to tell you what it is. A man should love you when youre being dumb, smart, ugly, pretty, inside and out. for everything you are and everything you want to be, just as you should for them. Find your "flaws" and love them, because it's who you are. People see you as you see yourself. I'm not one for boob shirts and booty shorts in public, because I don't want a guy to look at me like he wants to fuck me. I want his look to be honest, and sweet, look at me like i'm something more than a quickie, because I am more than that. I'm a passionate sensible girl, the whole package, and if you refuse to see it than fuck you, it's your loss, your regrets. I don't need someone to make me feel comfortable in my own skin, I do that on my own.
Girls. Stop acting cut-throat and snotty, you let your insecurites fly out and someone will ruin you for it. The world won't hold your fucking hand when someone knocks you down.
Just grow up. Accept yourself because youre the only person who will be there, forever.
i still really don't like girls.


  1. Lol. This is pretty funny to me. Honestly if girls would do what you're suggesting here, then things would be a lot better. And I'm not gonna leave the guys out of it, WE ARE PIGS. Now I hate that statement more than anyone, because it's not entirely true, but I have a point. Not all guys are the same, just as not all girls are and neither sex should try to be, but guys do think it. As a whole guys think about sex VERY OFTEN, which is why they're so attracted to the girls in the booty shorts and "boob shirts" lol. It's the way it's always been, and will continue to be as long as the majority thinks that way, which is how most people are influenced to think throughout life. Now I have my own personal views on this, but that'd be something for my blog lol.
    Just remember what I said to you before, because that's the truth. :)

  2. bleh! I hate girls with booty shorts and their boobs hanging out, sluts need to stay at home cause there is no place for them in the real world.... except in porn, fuckin low lives!