Tuesday, January 20, 2009

my top 5.

have heart - the things we carry
verse - from anger to rage
gorilla biscuits - start today
underdog - demos
minor threat - out of step

I can't stand people who try to impress everyone by looking these up and pretending they know everything about these bands. Just listen. Listen to the lyrics. listen to the intensity, stop caring what people fucking think, stop caring if it'll make you fit in. Do it for you, listen to the music FOR the music.

have heart is my favorite ever. I can relate to everything in that album.


  1. Send me a link to em or something sometime. I stopped listening to music as much as I used to and I hate that. Idk, I need new music, so send me a link to some of these bands' stuff, or even other stuff, maybe I'll like it.

  2. nice top 5

    Its nice to see girls who like good music

  3. Hey, It actually looked these bands up and they were all pretty good. I couldn't find exactly what you have up here for minor threat, whatever I listened to of them wasn't the best, but I only found like 3 songs.

    What's some other stuff that you listen to?

  4. If i answer that you'll be reading for miles.