Monday, February 9, 2009

two days later.

I need this for my bedroom.

To fall asleep below everynight, where my dreams rescue me from the worries I conjur up every day and night.

I discovered some artwork that I think is so adorable, and the mustache paintings make me think of bear.

Check it out!

I have been so rediculously busy the past few weeks, friendship ties are loosening because of it, and for that I apologize. But I'm trying so hard to pull everything together. I'm looking for a new job so I can buy a car, save up money for college and air fare expenses. And then prom at the end of the year. so much to do! I'm reading so much chuck palahniuk lately, He's so eccentric and I love how he writes. Everyone should read lullaby. I went to the valentines day dance with amanda, brock, jarrod, kaylee and danny. The dance it self bombed, I can't believe how much grinding and fucking lap dances were going on. I was talking to danny about music and straight edge and I looked over and there was this girl rubbing her ass all over some guys lap. EW. where the fuck is everyones self-respect!? It's valentines day-about romance and love, NOT sex and fucking. get over yourselves. Everyone looked beautiful and handsome, and Going with friends is more fun than anything. The best part about the dance was actually after, when we all went to amanda's and talked about everything and anything until 1 in the morning. I love my friends!

Jarrod got Kaylee and I valentine presents, he's so sweet! He got me the most amazing (obnoxious card) sunglasses ever! haha we're going shopping winter break so he can give me a wardrobe makeover :) I always look awkard in pictures. But I loved my outfit. I wanted a pink dress or a red dress, but I didn't have time to find any so I just recycled. I loved the end result, I looked like a pin-up! at least that's what I was told. School is so easy lately, careful not to jinx myself. I'm half watching a movie where some girl's controlling boyfriend told her to bleach her hair and do it up like ms. monroe, and she went to touch it and her hair fell out. THAT SUCKS. I'm terrified of that happening to me. Everytime I do a touch up, it freaks me out.

Mitchell is on tour for three weeks and I miss him. he's always trying to snuff me and annoy me, I miss it! haha.


  1. you look cute, glad you had fun and you aren't losing my friendship, dont worry.

  2. " It's valentines day-about romance and love, NOT sex and fucking. get over yourselves."

    I would just like to argue that valentines day is actually more about big businesses making a profit.