Wednesday, February 25, 2009

3 weeks later.

Mitchell came back after three weeks of touring and brought me these, I was so happy to see him!
Last night we went out with another couple and we saw Slumdog Millionaire. It was AMAZING! I didn't expect it to be so touching, and the story was so intense, the love part of it, the everlasting hope the character had to find this one girl was something I wanted, still a part of me does.
When we arrived back to my house, mitchell walked me to my porch. It was 12 in the morning and everyone inside was asleep. I was digging through my purse and so shyly he asked "would you be my girlfriend..." and I looked at him and smiled. I hugged him and said yes. I never expected this, honestly, three years ago when I met him, I did think he was cute. I left it at that though. I'm happy, we'll see where this goes. Things are going to be different. He's going to see the real me, no more changing for guys, accept me as I am now. And my friends, my friends are still the most important.
and J.D. APRIL! I'm so excited to fucking hangout! We're going to tear ALbany apart, not AULbany. :) I can't wait for hugs! and screaming anti social.
fuck. yes.

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