Monday, February 16, 2009

Kissable and quiet.

I want to go camping. I'm going to talk to amanda and Kaylee and see if they want to go to the cabin soon. I miss the summer, I miss everything about it. The weather, the feeling, the fun.
Soon it'll all come back.
I cannot wait.
I can't wait for a lot of things. Especially getting out of this shithole.
getting out of this state.
getting out of this country.
I can't wait to make something of myself, Get my phd and create a life I always dreamed of.
This life is mine, this life is mine to make it into what I want. I will be someone great, I will impact lives, no matter how small or large, someone or something will be effected by me.
I am so fucking excited.

1 comment:

  1. I am already proud of you, I can't even tell ya how amazing you are going to be cause that would be an understatement, you already impacted my life by being my best friend! Soon you'll be out here livin it up!