Sunday, February 22, 2009

Flower of Stone.

I was driving back home through the snow. The grey clouds were splashed against the even darker sky. The patter of the rain filled my ears and I became distant to the music that was playing. A fallen tree, as tall as the sky had crashed onto its neighbors. It looked so helpless. Something that appeared to be so strong had been ripped down and destroyed its own. It reminds me of the way I see people. We walk around fending for only ourselves. The only way to live is for yourself, and though the bravest thing you could do is live for others. You act taller than everyone else, looking down on every movement and every notion of those "below" you, but when it comes down to it, you're willing to bring them all down with you. Opening your heart to theirs and keeping them safe inside. Miles of affection building inside, but now, when there is so much deceit and hate, there is noone to give it too. No one but yourself. It's so disgusting how many lies are whispered, how much hate is breathed. The facade of strength - lying side by side with hate and judgemental attitudes. True strength should be measured by your heart. Open minded to every new person and expeirence. Courage. Courage in love, to love. When we live on rage, it is safer. Safe from heart break and any let down. But wheres the adventure? The lessons you learn are greater in let downs than sitting on the side lines. And the fall down from the top is so much more devestating. Anger is a companion better left behind until needed. It shouldn't grow into your skin, speak out in your words. Embracing the unknown, is what we should be doing. Lending our hearts to anyone in need, no matter the risk. Let your insecurites wave out, past the horizon in your mind. They don't belong in your sight or anyone elses. That's what will hurt the most. Love and trust in who you are, who you want to become. When you've finished doing that, you can really begin to enjoy life.

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  1. it is seriously scary how alike we are! this was a beautiful passage and I really enjoyed reading it! come write with me.