Friday, March 27, 2009

slow down.

I have such a massive headache from giving blood yesterday, I'm so sluggish and I can't stand it.
I really want to go down to the art place tonight and get some new paint markers, and maybe go to the ceramics display downtown. Everyone had to make a bird, and I made a swallow. I want to go see it "flying" up with the rest of them.
Ughhhh, I keep losing my focus on school and college. I keep drifting back to my wants. And it's like so impossible to stop my wishfull thinking, and stop wanting to find what I feel is missing.
Why can't I just figure this out? Why can't I rest at night and know that I feel whole.
I want to be in love again.
I hate being single during this weather. Seriously.
It's a beautiful day out, in every sense of the word. And all I want to do is hold someones hand.
Fuck this.

1 comment:

  1. There's always somebody out there, we've just got to work on this shyness of yours brit :). And I can't wait to give blood again, they could've taken more and I would've been good.

    And the college shit and drifting back to what you want; if you ever need help or advice I'm here.