Tuesday, March 24, 2009


There is absolutley NOTHING more frustrating than a CD that skips.
And I also am annoyed at myself for bitching so much about being single.
And I hate feet.
And I don't like superficial, orange tanning booth bimbos.
Or when people try to be cute and try to impress me by acting all "tough."
"Be yourself. Be honest. Be honest with yourself." and then you can impress me.
Real people, True people, Loyal people, that's all it takes.
This skipping track is making me so pissed.
I just want to listen to American Nightmare!!!
I'm going to go clean this c.d. now.


  1. SVU has been on all day, watch it!
    made me think of you haha.

  2. I just have to jump in with this question: why does watching a show about rapists and murderers make this guy think about you? enough said. lol

    And would you be referring to Kaylee as a "tanny booth bimbo"? lmao