Monday, March 2, 2009

I hate snow storms.

With an ear to the ground I can hear everything turn cold. The surface cracks and the from the crevices of the earth creep last bits of life. The last bits of hope. There is no sheild to protect me from the storm, barreling down the forest walls. There is no one to save me, no prince charming to rescue me on his white horse. If I blink, I could miss the real warnings, and be buried beneath the snow, suffocating on what it brings with it. The pain, the fear, and the humiliation of being lost. I have to muster up the strength to rise above, above the hate pointed straight at my heart. You'd think my heart was at it's weakest, the easiest target. You were wrong. I'll turn my back to the storm. Created out of nothing but spite, but jealousy, but your own insecurities. Why should I face it again, after fighting it for so long, fighting who and what I couldn't control? The best thing for me now is to turn my back on you. The storm can follow me, destroying everything beautiful around it, but it cannot wrap around me, jump ahead of my path. My head held high, and my heart built with pure gold, nothing will hurt me. I welcome everything you aim at my name, because I know in the end. I know the truth, I know who I am. Nothing will take this from me.
Your fears are not my problem. The almost stalkerish need to be me, to have everything I've had, it does nothing but disgust me. Youre the reason my spine curls, the reason I tense up, the reason I become nasueated at the hint of your exsistance. Your life, is of no importance to me. Bitch and moan and try desperatly to grasp my attention, it won't work. I've fallen one to many times for this act and I realize now that I'm above this. I'm above your quaint remarks, pathetic attempts at hurting me.

You will, ALWAYS, be one step behind.

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