Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I want to sail an ocean. I want to live with bravery, to dream, to trust, to travel the world with no limits. No such thing as debt, or restraints, or any person to cause me harm, to stop me from this. I will dream, and I will make it reality.
Soon I'll be walking in the outback of Australia, chasing kangaroos and splashing around in the brightest blue waters. I'll walk the cliffs of Ireland, and roam the streets of Dublin, exploring every wrinkle and corner within its borders. Learning bits of Gaelic, and having the time of my life learning as much as I can. I'll hold the hand of someone who loves me most, waking up being cradeled in their arms, safe and awake, happy and untouchable, with a love purely unbreakable. Together will capture memories, make moments to last us a lifetime.
But for now, while I'm stuck in this shit town, fending for my own, I'll strive and thrive for my dreams. Independent and motivated, dignified and excited. This is life. This, is it.


  1. Soon! I will never let you cry another sad tear or scream another angry thought cause I will make sure you are happy and comfortable as long as you are near me. WE ARE GOING TO RULE LA! ily<3

  2. Alright, I hate the heat, so I don't think I can help you with the Ausi thing, nor can I help with the having somebody to hold you and what not, but there's a part I can help with. I'm going to Ireland, along with a few other countries, once I'm done with college and get that one last 2yr thing out of the way. So as long as you have a passport when I'm ready to take off, you can come along. I want just a few friends and people I can trust to come along with me, so if you want to, let me know.

    Btw, Gaelic is one of the hardest languages in the world, and it's dying out, so if you can learn it then good on ya. I plan on learning all of it if I can, so I can help if you'd like.