Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I get caught up in the shuffle of excitement. Thoughts rush my brain and it all collides into one giant cloud. I'm craving something, an idea of something. I know what it is but I'm too shy to say. My tongue is trapped between my teeth, I refuse to speak of it. Though I'm sure you can read it in my face. I desire my own pavement to cross. One I build block by block in my own time, with my own happiness and satisfaction. Every mile is cause for celebration, because I've made it this far alone. I don't feel attached to a soul except my own. I follow my hearts desire, and I take it all in with my eyes. I'll tell you a story with the shadows of brown dancing underneath these lashes. You can take me as you wish, what you want to believe is what you'll see as the truth. Make your move, because I'm taking the first steps of mine. Chase me.

It'll be worth every dream you've ever sculpted.

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