Tuesday, October 13, 2009

good luck.

All we do is live in fear. You can say you don't but you do.
The reason we build our confidence so tall is fear of judgments.
The reason we have guards is fear of being hurt.
The reason we succeed is because of our fear to lose.
The reason we point out flaws in people is because we fear they'll see ours.
The reason we have hope is backed by fear that things might not get better.
The reason we build any sort of connection with a person is because we fear being alone.
I don't want to be afraid anymore.
I don't want anyone to be afraid.
Breathe in so deeply, take in all this and let it filter through your lungs, some flowing into your heart. And with it you'll drive out the exhale combing through your mind taking out all the insecurities and fears with it. Everything is okay, just learn to love again.
Let go, put down your fists and fight with trust. Trust that everything that's meant to be will be, and no matter what kind of ache the world inflicts, you'll still be taking a lesson out of it. Tears and smiles are naturally part of life, accept it and you can fly free.

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