Thursday, July 2, 2009

last night.

My thoughts crippled me.
I cried into doubt. Into hopelessness.
I will never allow myself to feel so small ever again.

I'm feeling so confined by these four walls and these same faces.
Claustrophobic of this god forsaken city, of my memories and the same fucking routines.

I'm seriously considering the fact that being surrounded these people is making me stupid.
FUCKKKK i need to get out, i need to leaveeee.


  1. I got a really important story to tell you. I am coming to visit in August so feel better, there is always a spot for you in Cali too.

  2. PS you are so much more important then anyone I know! stop letting things get to your head, you are sooooo much better then that and you know it.

    love you way more :)