Sunday, July 26, 2009

lion heart.

I am the caged animal. Living in routine. Wake to eat, eat to sleep, an endless cycle. I am oblivious to the walls I am trapped behind. Given a peice of tapestry forged as my "home," I fall into keepers kind tones, I do not fear anything. Everything is thrown to me, there is no hunt, there is no chase. I do not understand that I have been tamed. I've forgotten that my spirit has been broken. I've forgotten my true nature. The ferocious fire that once burned a hole in the skin of those that dared line their sights with mine, has died down. The smoke has cleared and there is nothing but an empty allusion of what should be. I remember the epiphany, Gazing up from the green island of grass that I thought to be the world, up into the eyes of tens, maybe hundreds of some elevated speices. I hadn't noticed the confinment of my life. Trapped, closed in, locked away from the rest of the world. My own emerald isle surrounded by the ocean of concrete. I suddenly felt rage. Starting out as a flicker in my eyes it sent a frenzy chasing curiousity through my blood. Ticking in my stomach was a fear. A fear that I had lost my true sense of self. I had no threats, no enemies, no rivals, I had nothing. This void, caused vulnerability inside. Had I been so naive to believe that this was what life was? That it could be simply this easy? I was a baby, nursing blind to a facade. Mother nature had come and gone as quickly as these tourists. Head lowered, shoulders rolled back, I planned. Planned my escape, a new journey. I was to tread the broken ground alone, staggering over boulders and dirt until I found a pride to call my own. Predator of the predators, I was about to impact more lives than my own. Fixated on freedom, thirsting for peripatetic living, I steadied my focus and with upmost intensity began my new adventure. Destroying those holding me back with vigorous passion, my innocense has been lost. Feel my intensity, my perseverance. I will create a new island, one that stretches to every horizion ever noted. What I see is mine for the taking, I will overpower every peice of life that trys to steal this from me. They've had their time, now is mine.

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