Monday, June 29, 2009

your eyes tell me another story.

Is it possible for people to truly change?
To take a persons' past, full of bizzare fuckery, and turn it completely around. Change their lives, make something of themselves?
I've found myself completely contradicted. My mind wants more than my heart can handle.
I am not a bandaid, I cannot fix you. I can give you guidance, and I can support you, but it's up to you to change, not through force.

I can't trust you.
I can't trust anyone.
I can only trust myself, and I think that's such a sad way to live. All of us just run around leading our own parades, but when they intersect, havoc is set loose to destroy.
It's sad we can't trust anyone, it's sad people are so self-centered, but more and more I'm finding its the only way to live.

Straying away from that topic...
I talked to this "player" the other night, and he was just blabbing about his, let's say, relations with all 14 girls hes slept with. He told me how long it took to get them into bed, most of which under a half hour, and I screamed at him. I hate talking about sluts, I hate thinking about sluts, I just hate fucking sluts. I told him that I would never respect a bitch that doesn't respect herself, If you don't have a fucking brain, or any sense of dignity GET THE FUCK OUT. You're a worthless tool, and I will have nothing to do with you.
He defended them. I got mad.
He basks in this glory that hes had so many girls, but we'll see where you are in 10 years when the game gets old and you've fucked everyone in town.
no hands to hold,
no face to wake too.
silence, emptyness, secluded from something real.

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  1. fuck sluts, wanna go slut slaying?
    you are probably one of the most caring people I know, never change. trust is a hard thing to come by and not being able to trust anyone is fine at least you are being careful, you will find someone you can trust eventually.