Saturday, June 13, 2009

its raining right now.

I reccomend the chesapeak catch from Ruby Tuesday's.
and fyi, annoying things to me are:

1. irrelevance.
2. stupidity.
3. superficial people.
4. pity.
5. underestimation
6. the fact that dignity doesn't exsist amoung anyone anymore.
7. gossip.
8. "drama."
9. when people, especially girls, FREAK OUT if you don't text them or call them back within two seconds.
10. overthinking.
11. mind games.
12. being shy.
13. smelly people.
14. economics and government.
15. bro's.
16. when my room is messy.
17. judgemental people.
18. bad music.
19. being hot.
20. feet.
21. when guys call me "pet names" and we aren't dating. It's not cute, you're trying to hard.
22. When I write something on this and someone takes it as a personal attack. like the above, it's not directed at any individual, it's just in general. don't get your panties in a bunch boys.
23. when people don't respect me, and think that just because i'm pretty must mean i'm dumb.
though i love surprising them by tearing up their 3rd grade vocabulary and throwing "big words" at them.
24. THEY, THEY'RE, THEIR. Please do your best and use them in the correct form.
25. People who butcher the english language.
26. "lol" "lolz" "l0o0ls" "rofl" "lmao." you're not laughing that hard, and there are no zeros in a word. I can't stand people who are legit about it. Like, thats how they talk on a daily basis.
27. Best Friends who say distance won't ruin anything, and they let it happen.

theres a ton more. But i don't want to come off like a life loathing bitch. are things i love:

1. anchors
2. ships, or anything to do with sailor stories, etc.
3. sailor jerry tattoo flash.
4. mike giant tattoo, graffiti and fine art flash.
5. kisses on the forehead.
6. the smell of rain.
7. acceptance.
8. under the covers.
9. when the sun wakes me up.
10. laughing.
11. booty shakes from flavour cafe'.
12. my body.
13. reading a new book.
14. the complexity of the mind.
15. good music.
16. passion.
17. cuddleing, snuggling, being close to another person.
18. best friends who actually do stay around.
19. driving/road trips.
20. monogamy.
21. cooking and baking.
22. long walks.
23. dreaming big.
24. holding hands.
25. feeling everything.
26. taking my vitamins!

I have a lot more of shit that makes me happy.
but typing it out for strangers to see takes too long, so you'd have to get to know me.


  1. I agree completely with your hatred list, and I also love 15-25 on your love list. We should totally talk more often.

  2. and we are still twins through and through.
    thank you for the compliment! I still read your posts cause you have a way of putting things together so beautifully, never stop writing!