Monday, December 22, 2008


I keep having this dream, and I can't decide whether it's perfect or creepy. It starts out the same every time. I'm in an apartment thats all white, the couch is white, the carpet is white the kitchen is white, everything. The couch looks like its made out of one of those huge white puffy feather blankets, the ones that always look warm and cuddly, and the only color is flashing on a white tv. It starts out me coming out of a black room, smiling and wearing white clothes. and I go into the kitchen and make cereal in a white bowl, but the cereal is all color. so then I walk into the living room and sit on the ground leaning against the giant comfy couch, and i flip the channels between cartoons and DHC. and i'm really happy. like i wish this wasn't a dream because i seem so content with life. im watching what seems to be felix the cat? and a person comes out of the black room and walks all sleeply over and kisses me on the top of my head and grumbles. then walks into the kitchen, makes cereal and sits next to me on the floor and we watch cartoons together. and i lay my head on his shoulder and say something that must make him happy because he pulls me in close. then i spill cereal on him and we have a food fight and the color gets all over the room. I never see his face, I don't know who this person is in my dream but i wish i did.
I'm looking at the BU study abroad program. and I really really, hope i get accepted so I can go to australia for a summer semester. I want to play with kangaroos! It's a travel writing program, and they take you basically on a vacation, from sydney to the middle of the outback, they make you write about the cultures or politics or anything related to australia on the trip. I feel like I can do that. I've wanted to be there for so so long, I know I can make this happen, I just really need to "buckle-down." or whatever.

I still have to go christmas shopping before tomorrow night.

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  1. That's a pretty cool sounding dream, and not gonna lie, weird in a couple ways. lol. Anyway, if you didn't have the color going everywhere at the end, then I'd say that this is a dream I'd hope wouldn't come true, just because of the implication of simplicity. I mean, you can be content with simplicity, but I'm talking about that cookie-cutterness that I so skillfully referenced in school. :)But yeah, i do hope you find that happiness in your life, but enjoy the bumps on the road there. :)

    Anyway, about the study abroad thing, I hope you get it. I know you really want to get away from Troy, and after California, idk how much farther you could possibly go than Ausi, if only for a little bit.

    Live your dreams Brit. Great for word phrase I'm adopting, "Why the fuck not?".