Wednesday, December 31, 2008

last day of the worst year of my life.

so lets make this next one count.

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1. I will learn to focus on MY happiness, and noone elses.
2. I will guard my heart, and protect myself from every person, until they give me a real reason to let them in.
3. I will finsih the twilight zone marathon.
4. I will graduate with high 90's.
5. I will try harder to break out of my shell.
6. I will never ever burn bridges for a guy.
7. I will always keep my friends FIRST.
8. I will take more chances, more risks. let's make it interesting.
9. I will obviously still stay straight edge.
10. I will never obsess over some flaw I may think I have on my body.
11. I will try desperatly to not judge others, though I know they're judging me.
12. I will still hate every weight loss commercial and their fake skank bitch sluts.
13. I won't contridict myself like I just did for # 11 & 12.
14. It's my life, my turn to be happy, no more putting others before me, gain more self-respect without becoming cocky.
15. Learn to keep my huge heart without getting it broken all the time.

I kinda wish I had cooler resolutions.

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