Sunday, December 21, 2008

and another thing..

Fuck all these beauty contests. Life is just one big beauty contest after another. Wipe off your spray-tans and grow up. Your world should never revolve around your cup size, the amount of makeup you cake on everyday, or what shirt shows your boobcrack best. All these girls are running around trying to prep themselves up for a guy that just wants sex, why? why are you doing this to yourself? A real guy should love you for your mind, and what's inside, of course attraction is vital in any relationship, but you shouldn't need to lower yourself into a billboard for cancer-by-tan and a cake for face lifestyle. You always wonder why you end up getting hurt. It's because people won't respect someone who can't even respect themself. whatever. I know for a fact I'm one step ahead than most girls. Love me for my mind, my passion and my heart. not my "sweet ass."

"She's a wild orchid in your ugly swamp."


  1. Look at what you've gone and done now, made a hilarious mistake.

    My point is in the fact that if they worry about their cupsize and their caked on faces, they can make some pretty fucking amazing cupcakes. :)

    I'm kidding really. I just have a knack for seeing the lighter side and I'm in a great fucking mood right now. :)

    It's impossible to respect somebody who does this shit, you're right. Because the first thought that pops into a guys mind when they see a girl like this is "God, how could I screw her?" I know that makes me look like a dick too, but I'm just telling it like it is.

    You're beautiful the way you are brit, don't ever let anybody tell you different or let the "norm" get to you. I'd rather stand above the masses than get lost in them. :)

  2. Oh yeah, you make that reference too much for me not to ask; Who said you have a "sweet ass"? lol... cause this is NOT the first time that I've seen you do that.