Sunday, March 28, 2010

my room

is slowly but surely getting filled to the brim with the smell of pancakes my momma dukes is cooking downstairs. The windows are closed and the ceiling fan is off, yet it is still frigid in here. I'm not wearing any eyeliner today which pleases my lazy arms. I'm freaking out because DHC is showing a woman getting a june bug that has crawled through her ear canal ripping everything apart in it's path get surgery to get it out. Everyone had thought she was absolutely insane, I feel so bad for her. I would be tweaking out if there was a bug in my ear too. I guess they had to twist him to get it out :(
My leg's are freezing and my circulation is fucked, I can't even sit pocahontas without getting pins and needles in my feet. Body, why do you hate me?
Movies I want to see as of today:
1. The United States of Leland
2. Twelve and Holding.
3. Greenberg
4. The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things
5. Precious
6. Gigantic
7. Manic

Also, I want to buy a new dress and a lot of new books. Overqualified looks really good, and Solipsist is turning out a lot better than I expected, though I have to be in a wicked cynical mood to read it. And lately I just want to be happy.

I had to explain to my mother that bad moods are contagious and that's why I've been miserable, with my sister's constant bitching about how awful her life is and my parent's bickering, it's only natural I pick up the negativity and hate on every living creature with balls enough to cross my path.
I'm getting "Stay Sweet" tattooed on me somewhere because of this.

Off to pinhead susans with my babyboo

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