Monday, November 2, 2009

Word life.

Take down the layers of earth stone by stone, pebble by pebble. Down to the scolding core. I'm dissatisfied with what I've seen, unimpressed by the way others their lives with little to no meaning. When I reach the center of this chaotic mess, I will start forming my own ground, my own earth. I'll take the pieces of whats left in my heart and stick them into the remains, breathe ice atop it, securing my endless passion inside. Create my own moral foundation, I'll build up my new world, alone. Making it stronger than it could have ever been without the help of another's hand. My back will ache with the weight of all I've carried to this place in time. I'll persevere through it though, I won't give up until I'm back to the top, back to where it all started, but this time it will be something I can call my own. Can I figure this all out as quickly as I'd hoped? Will I always roam with the intention of finding a place to call home?
Well at least this first step is done; that I can realize that this is all on me. Home won't be the arms of a man, I won't lay my head upon his chest and hear the worlds very breath. Instead, I will put it all together stone by stone, pebble by pebble, until I can become the person I aspire to be, at peace with the home and life I've created on my own.
Craving my independence, I want it to grow just a little bigger.

I really wanted to write something right now, and that's the best I can do at the moment. The words aren't fitting together as well as I wanted to but it's whatever. I'm excited to actually do well in classes and get my own apartment somewhere outside of New York, hopefully MA. I can't wait to wake up to my own cup of coffee, made right there in my own little Massachusetts apartment.


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