Thursday, November 5, 2009


Big white bed, a blanket filled with the softness of feathers.
Pillows like castle walls around your body, holding your curves softly.
Your arms reach up towards the shadow of the blinds on your wall. The sun greets you with warmth on your face, fooling you to the bitterness on the outside. You're spine stretches and your tummy is tormented with a subtle ticklish feeling, coupled with that ever so sweet release of sleep.
Dragging hands slowly wipe away the dreams from your skin.

Huge windows around your bed, letting in the worlds beauty to start your morning.
It's not too bad to wake alone, because I suppose you're not truly alone. Love and hope sleep beside you every night, kissing you before you sleep. You wake to a new beginning every single day. You've made friends with the stars and the moon, the sun and it's rays. You're connected to something much greater than your mind allows you to recognize.

I can't wait for the day where I step outside bundled up in my coat, a scarf wrapped tightly around me, fighting the cold. The click of my heels as I walk under city lights and the flurries of snow. Blood creeps up to my face, my cheeks are red and my eyes are burning bright. I'll walk to some quaint cafe and indulge in some christmas flavored coffee, reminiscing the past and all the things I've done with every person I've ever loved. I'll kiss the sky under mistletoe, take my steps out and admire the beauty in every passing face. Every body is precious and the lives behind their eyes will make me feel a little more whole.

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  1. your writing is soo good!
    don't ever stop writing. :)