Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My back hurts

from making so many pedestals.

Made from the finest materials, my hands are broken and the weight is crushing me, but at least the smile on my face won't fade. I guess.

"Love is the answer" has been scratched and etched and ripped into the the lining of my skull, so my conscious can read it every day. The cheesy simplicity that statement offers makes so much sense to that annoyance beating under my chest. It makes me feel calm. Hating everyone and everything is easy and a pussy way to live. Not letting anyone get close out of fear is sad. Even if it hurts, scar tissue is stronger than any other. Keep building it and keep sucking in the lessons with it, you'll find gratitude and appreciation in everything life throws at you - somehow. Don't believe me, don't agree with me. Do whatever makes your heart beat a little bit slower.

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