Saturday, February 27, 2010

In ruins.

Creeping up under the skin, half heart intentions with malicious design. I hate that there can be two sides, that fear can lurk through my veins, hiding behind corners of my alcove's of hope. sliding through me with such ease. where are my fists clenched in the dark, waiting to destroy these mini-monsters?
My spine is raveled up, round and round, twisting up into a spiral of confusion. My head is bent forward, looking up behind me. My hands search the space before, where I am blind. How can I keep moving in such a way when I'm still looking in the past; when will my bones unsnarl all this fear?
I wish your hands could be my cure, I wish your words could take me back to where my innocence is buried.
My heart is always mixing up what my eyes see.

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