Wednesday, September 16, 2009

FTW or fuck the cycle?

I am guarded because of being hurt. An obvious and sympathetic statement among most I'm sure. I started out innocent, in love with love, and so naive to the world's ugly side. It unmasked its shame through the years, carving away the beauty and purity I always thought it had. I've been left broken and teary eyed several times, and all because of my ability to have heart. I can't explain what I want too right now, I'm at a loss for words. I used to walk with hate, rage flowing through every part of my body, straight through my heart and out through my lungs. I created a barrier with it, building a steel wall before me. I was untouchable in the worst way, I was cold, confused, hurt and filled with a soft sorrow. A disappointment, really. I'm just now trying to find the gold again. Retrace the past back to my innocent roots. Back to loving love, and not being afraid anymore. It's so hard, it's so unbelievably hard.
but all those kids who preach hate, stop. You're adding to the problem. You clearly don't understand the power of your words, of your thoughts. It spreads like venom, seeping into all of humanity. We're losing this war between good and bad I think, we're letting our hate get the best of us. Sounding completely hypocritical I'm sure; but we need to let go. Stop being afraid. Stop being so guarded. "Break the cycle, of breaking people." I don't want to hurt anymore.
I'm going to take these steal boxes down one by one, slowly but surely I can be free again.

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