Saturday, August 15, 2009

I have been awake since 6:54 am yesterday.

I am sitting in Kristen's room with Jesus, listening in on their criticism about how retarded the people are in the movie Scream.

I feel so hopeful, so full of excitement, though I haven't slept normally in days.
My body is warm, and eyes are heavy, I'm surrounded by good people every day. The ice that was starting to fill my blood has just dispersed into a thousand unrecognizable particles. Changing and rearranging into something better.
My life is moving forward, I'm so so so excited.
I'm also so so so exhausted.


  1. Usually when I hang out with Jesus we don't talk about Scream. I mean I don't know about you or anything.

  2. hahahaha you should hang out with our jesus, he's a cool mexican dude.